A Day at the Station #475DAY

As part of Social Media Adventure Day, Alex and I were fortunate enough to get an inside look at the daily operations of one of Madison’s local fire stations. The newly remodeled station completely blew us away. For a good minute we weren’t even sure that we were in the correct building.

Along the way, Alex and I learned an incredible amount about the station’s existence and operations. In doing so, we also learned a great deal about the social world in which we live. For example, by showing the world the ins and outs of Station #1, we also had to quickly become experts in various social platforms.

We had the pleasure of meeting one of the nicest, most genuine Fire Chiefs out there, Division Chief Paul Ripp. Using Periscope, we were able to broadcast a live video of Chief Ripp to the world. One viewer thought he looked eerily similar to someone you may know.


After talking with Chief Ripp, Alex and I were given a personal tour of the station. Unfortunately, the trucks were not there because they had a “prior commitment.” (Yeah, we didn’t buy it either). During the tour we took some pictures which we then converted in Picasso-esque murals using Prisma.

Overall, it’s safe to say our mission was complete and utter success. Not only did we become social media savants, but we also learned a thing or two about how the local fire departments actually conducts its business.

For more, we’ve created a twitter moments where you can get a better understanding of our process.


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