The Great Debate

It has come to my attention that our society loves the notion of classification. For us, the line can never be blurred. There is no such thing as the “grey area.” This exists pretty much everywhere. In the sports world people pretend as if they are Nellie Bly when discussing the “eliteness” of Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback … More The Great Debate

Rush to Judgment

For such an incredibly enormous industry, sports journalism receives relatively small amounts of spotlight on its ethical mishaps. Over the past several years, I have begun noticing an industry-wide flaw in the way in which sports journalists cover under-developed stories. It is not limited to a single company, but rather the entire profession has failed … More Rush to Judgment

Man in the Mirror

Seth Davis is unquestionably the most fortunate man on our planet. Each and everyday he wakes up, goes to work, and makes you just a tad bit smarter. As Sports Illustrated’s lead college basketball columnist, Davis possesses about as much freedom as a seventeenth century monarch. When he writes, he does so not only to … More Man in the Mirror

Dreaming of a Job

I have always found the idea of a voice to be unusually ironic. Everyone has one. Yet, people struggle to use it. Today’s media strangles an unfathomable amount of power. By owning a present voice in society, an individual can accomplish nearly anything. That is precisely what Colin Cowherd has begun to master throughout the … More Dreaming of a Job